It was on the 23rd floor of the blue crystal walled Torre Mahou where we all met. And although the exterior of the building was probably built for keeping things “cool”, the debate that raged on the inside that morning in the corner conference room was hot and ferrocious, in the best of ways.

torre-mahouOur guests that day were from many parts of the capital’s financial fabric and included: Jose Vivanco, Dir. General at IDM (Wharton) and Yago Ruiz-Morales, Ex Spanish Consul to Uzbekistan (Chicago GSB), Gil Carbajal (Assoc. Spanish Fullbright & Democrats Abroad), the dynamic duo of Pablo Camacho and Beltran Patiño (Stifel), and Juan Vila (Berkeley Haas MBA) to name a few.

While Mr. Narciso Vega, hedgefund manager and founder of Accurate Global (part of the hedgefund platform at BBVA Proxima Alfa) instructed on the intricacies of the hedgefund industry and how his hedgefund operated, the “students” fired off questions one after another while our waiter quietly offered hors d’oeuvres and champagne.

The clearest sign that all were thoroughly engrossed in the moment was the fact that I had to litterally point to my watch to cut-off the speaker and say that in principle we had used up our alloted time. The guest and speaker could have raged on for more.

Clearly there is more to say and ask on the topic of hedgefunds and we will have more events related to the topic in the future. If you would be interested in participating, please shoot me an email.