There are moments in one’s life when, after having a great insightful gustavo1conversation, it becomes all too clear that one´s daily routine, of just making it to Friday,  does not allow one to fathom the beauty, the complexity and perhaps the danger that the “real world” has to offer.

However, having had the pleasure and honor of sitting to the left of Mr.Gustavo de Aristegui at the joint Univ of Chicago / U.C. Berkeley event this past 13th of March (many thanks to Francisco Trullenque for the invitation and for taking care of all the details in the most elegant of ways), I can tell you that listening to what Mr. Aristegui had to say that day was as much a reality check as it was an intellectual pleasure.

One cannot forget that Mr. Aristegui was met that day by 30+ ex almuni from the world’s best universities who were respectfully interested and curious about what the speaker had to say on topics ranging from the role of the United States and Obama in today’s complex geopolitical framework to what additional financial market risks might be waiting in the wings given Mr. Aristegui’s view on today’s challenges that stem from organized terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

Overall, an elegant, intellectually stimulating and pleasant opportunity to mingle, collect business cards and in general have a good time.

Stay tuned for more U.C. Berkeley Spain and Ryder events like this one! sm


Bio:  Gustavo de Arístegui, Portavoz de Exteriores del Grupo Parlamentario Popular – only a small except:

He studied Law and Political Science at ICADE and  has been a professional dipolmat since 1989, fullfilling diplomatic posts all over the world including the embassies of Tripoli, Lybia and Jordan.  He has served as director within the Ministry of the Interior 1996, 2003.  He has been professor of Diplomatic Law at ICADE and is currently professor of International Relations at the University San Pablo CEU.  Gustavo has been recognized as an expert on the topic of Islam.  Also, Gustavo has written for numerous newspapers including the Washington Post, Washington Times, Miami Herald, El Mundo, ABC, El Pais, appeared regularly on the radio and is the author of 3 books including, ““El Islamismo contra el Islam”, “La Yihad en España” y “Contra Occidente”.