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Cal Family Updates May 09:

New Berkeley Hass MBA in Town – give him a huge welcome!  Santiago Rodriguez de Miguel, MBA 09.  Well, he will be in town after he graduates in May.

I think we all know how difficult it is to re-incorporate oneself into the Spanish job market.  Add a layer of economic crisis to the picture and it’s, well, complicated to say the least.

For this reason I would like to upload his CV to the web on the right (see the BOX widget), and send everyone this notice.

If you have a minute, send Santiago an email of support and welcome.  (  And of course, if you have recommendations regarding the job market that would be even better.


Santiago has been added to the CAL Family page set-up for personal alumni news.  If you have personal news to share, new job, promotion, getting marred, having children, whatever, please send us a note.  And we will add it.


And don’t forget the party on the 21st at The Penthouse SOL MELIA.