Thanks to everyone who made it to the Penthouse terrace yesterday!

We had a beautiful time.  I think  it would be accurate to say that all “first timers” to the terrace all had the same basic reaction, “this place is beautiful”, “spectacular”, “exceptional”, “one of a kind”.  Of course, the second and third timers say the same thing.

But the best part of it all, was the nice mix of alumni from both schools, friends and even friends of friends who were able to relax in a reserved zone on the terrace, not too far from the bar.  A courtesy glass of champagne got everyone in a festive but relaxed mood from the beginning.

We have to give a special word of thanks to our alumni counterparts at Yale for being so fantastic to work with on what were the pre-party details and logistics.  And we are not too upset with them for hanging a large blue banner of their school colors near the entrance to the terrace bar.

Thanks to everyone and stay tuned for more evening cocktail events!