Global Economic Forum 2009

The Global Economic Forum 2009: “Keeping up with the Crisis”

The Global Economic Forum is a 5-7 part series of seminars that take place over the course of 2009 whose objective is to provide close-up financial input from the major investments banks to our alumni and friends.

We aim to bring together a limited audience (20-25 guests) and a financial expert in an environment that allows both sides freedom to express their opinions.


The question & answer period that follows each seminar is key to molding the speaker’s message to our audience and vice versa.

By February we should have published and available for download, “The Key Financial Metrics of an American Economic Crisis: Taking a Strategic Approach”.

This handy guide to the current crisis should give our alumni and friends a head start on: what information is important to monitor, what information is key for understanding the depth of the crisis and what should be rational expectations about the timing of recovery.

The participating financial institutions are:

J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, William Blair and Goldman Sachs.